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Broker Tip #5: Cellphone Cover, The Smart Thing To Do

Smartphones are an integral part of 21st century life.

Our day starts with the smartphone alarm going off and ends with a chat with family and friends on these versatile devices.

Considering how much our day to day activities revolve around smartphones and how expensive the newest models are, it is important to ensure your smartphone is properly covered.

Insurance cover is more dependable than a phone case, a protective case cannot guarantee that a phone will not be damaged, nor can insurance but insurance does ensure that your phone will be repaired or replaced.

As phones have become more sophisticated, their prices have increase exponentially. Buying the best smartphone you can afford then watching it crash and die is something that can be avoided.

Insurance will cover you for events that your phone’s guarantee will not.

All Risks/Assets Out covers a wide range of accidental loss or damage that typically occurs away from you home.

This will cover your cellphone against;

  • Theft
  • Accidental damage
  • Loss

There are two types of All Risk; Specified and Unspecified.

Unspecified All Risks: this type of cover can insure items normally taken away from the home against unforeseen event, without having to specify each item.

This cover is subject to limits stated in your schedule.

Specified All Risk: If items are insured under this section, each item will be separately insured and covered up to your sum insured.

Considering the cost of replacing a smartphone in today’s market of ever rising prices, cellphones should be specified so that they are covered adequately.