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We recognise that the way we handle claims defines our service experience with our policyholders as well as our brokers.

To begin the claims process, simply complete and submit the form below.

When completing a claim form, the following information must be provided:

  • A short and clear description of the incident
  • Clear photographs and a sketch of the incident
  • Details about where the incident happened
  • The exact time of the incident

The more information we have about the incident, the quicker we can process the claim.

Having a clear and detailed description helps avoid the delay of requesting additional information. It also helps us to make sure that the Insured is covered for that particular event.

Photos and a detailed sketch of the accident are especially important as they show us the area of impact. They  also assist in determining whether the description of the incident matches the damage to the vehicle/s.

The time and place of the incident will determine whether or not the Insurer should appoint an investigator to validate the claim. This is especially relevant to incidents which occur in high-risk arears and between 10pm and 4am on weekends.

If you’d like a more detailed breakdown of our claims process, please download the handy PDF below. 


Whether you’re making a claim over the phone or online, you’ll need to provide us with a few details, including:

  • Your policy number
  • Date and time of the incident/event that has resulted in loss or damage.
  • Any evidence of lost or damaged items such as original receipts, photographs and so on.
  • Relevant documents that support your claim, such as a police report.

Be sure to notify us as soon as possible in the event of loss or damage. This way, the process can get underway even if you don’t have everything you’ll need to finalise the claim. 

The Insurer might need supporting documents together with your completed claim form in order to finalise the claim. 

Standard documents needed are:

A completed claim form.
A damage report (if applicable).
A copy of your South African identity document.
A description of the incident/accident.
The police case number ( if applicable).
A copy of your South African driver’s license, or a valid SADC license (in the case of a motor accident).
Quotations for the loss, repair (if applicable).

Vehicle Keys

If your vehicle has been stolen or written off, the Insurer will need the vehicle keys and/or spare keys.

Damaged Items

Please remember not to dispose of damaged items before you’ve notified us and supplied us with a damage report explaining the exact cause of damage.


Please supply us with quotes for your loss/damaged items.

Motor accidents with a 3rd party or their property – please obtain the following:

Other parties name & contact details

Other parties ID number

Other parties vehicle registration and vehicle make

Insurance details of the the other party

Take photos of the other parties vehicle license disk and the damages to their vehicle

Correspondence with other parties

Please don’t negotiate with, admit guilt to, or promise anything to the other party.

Stolen cell phones

Please report the theft to the police ASAP and obtain an ITC number from your service provider.

Home burglary claims

If your policy has a burglar alarm clause noted, the Insurer will need an activation report from the alarm service provider.

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