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Happy Holidays

2018 is coming to an end and what a year!

Fires, earthquakes, hurricanes and floods – the world seems to be experiencing more and more catastrophic events ...
With your long-awaited annual holiday coming up, please take the following things into consideration before leaving your home:

• Turn off your main water supply. Leaks happen.
• Unplug all electronics, besides your fridge.
• Notify your armed response contractor that you'll be away.
• Keep you curtains drawn.
• Throw or give away perishable foods and try to empty the freezer.
If you're travelling long distances in your car, please insure that you have checked :
• Oil, water and tyre pressure.
• That your warning triangles are in your boot for early warning to others on the road.
• Save your insurance emergency assist number on your phone - find it on your policy.
• Don't overload your vehicle.
• Have windscreen chips and cracks repaired for good vision.
• Make sure your service plan is up to date and your car is roadworthy.
On that note, we wish everyone a fantastic festive season and New Year. We look forward to doing business with you in 2019.

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