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Broker Tip #6: The Importance of 3rd Party Details for Recovery

A 3rd Party Motor Recovery is initiated by your insurer in situations where you are not responsible for the accident for which you are claiming.

If the recovery is successful, your insurer will refund your excess and your loss ratio will be decreased.

There are instances where a recovery is not successful, for example:

  • You, the Insured, do not have all the guilty party’s details.
  • The guilty party cannot be traced.
  • There’s no way to prove the other party’s guilt.

This is why it’s important for you to obtain as much information as possible at the scene of the accident.

Be sure to get the guilty party’s:  name, surname, contact numbers, ID number, their vehicle’s make, vehicle model and registration number as well as

all the details of their insurance company, if they have insurance.

This information helps us to trace the guilty party and to begin the recovery process on your behalf.

It’s important to take pictures of both vehicles at the point of impact, because these images will help when trying to prove liability.

You should also get the details of any witnesses – eye witness accounts really come in useful if the guilty party denies liability.

The more information we’re armed with, the better chance we have of recovering your excess and reducing your loss ratio.