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Events Liability Insurance is a must for organised occasions

As South Africa, and the rest of the world, is slowly returning to a life more like the one we once knew, many of us are looking forward to attending – or organising – events. Keep in mind that events include sporting competitions like cycle races, social gatherings like exhibitions and large parties, and professional occasions like conferences.

The Safety at Sports and Recreational Events Act 2 of 2010 (SASREA) actually makes public liability insurance mandatory in most circumstances. Any event implies that there is an increase in the number of visitors to a venue, which changes the safety aspects and liability implications of public gatherings and venues. SASREA holds all parties involved responsible to ensure safety at events. This alone should be enough reason for all concerned in the organising or hosting of an event to have their own event liability insurance cover in place.

Very often venue owners and other controlling bodies would enjoy public liability cover while other stakeholders might not, or be indemnified by those parties who are covered. However, SASREA specifies that all parties must be involved in vetting the planning and safety of events – including organisers, sponsors, advertisers and contractors. And as a claimant may take any one of the parties in the supply chain to task, it makes sense that all parties not only secure the necessary liability insurance, but also familiarises themselves with the Act and what it implies for their businesses.

The Financial Intermediaries Association of South Africa have identified certain risk factors to take into consideration when determining the limits of your insurance. These include:

  • Location – Where a venue is located, its size and safety measures incorporated into the event, play an important risk role.
  • Event type – Whether it is a rock concert or a formal banquet, the type of event contributes to the risk the event holds.
  • Additional structures – Temporary additions to the venue, such as marquees, podiums and stages also hold an element of risk.
  • People attending – The profile of guests attending the event dictates risk measures to take, whether it’s a polo match at the Inanda Polo Club with international dignitaries or a high tea for woman’s day.
  • Crowd – The capacity of the venue and the amount of people expected also plays a part.

(Taken from fia on 22/10/2021.)

Contact us if you’d like to discuss your clients’ events and public liability insurance needs. Also remember that any event you may be planning must adhere to whatever protocols are imposed by the current National Lockdown Alert Level.